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21 September 2014 @ 07:27 pm
How would like for the posts on adoring emma to be visible to people who are not members of the community?

We would keep OT posts private, but news regarding Emma would be visible for everyone?

Should the posts be visible for everyone?

I don't care
11 May 2010 @ 09:39 pm
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adoring_emma is a non srs bsns fan community dedicated to the adorable Emma Watson.
Being non srs bsns means that we don’t take ourselves too seriously here. Even so, we don’t allow any bashing of Emma
You’re more than welcome to post pictures, news, videos, icons, off topic posts and more here. However if you wish to promote something, please page‒a‒mod first.

In order to view the entries, you have to become a member

xoxo your mods

stillsoproud, tomlinsons, i_we_you and qwertybex
10 May 2010 @ 09:01 pm

If you have any concerns, suggestions or queries, post them here and one of our mods will respond as soon as possible.
If you feel uncomfortable posting here, feel free to PM a mod, however, this is the fastest and easiest way to get a response.

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